After this unexpected sanitary period, the way of doing business has changed in the world, and Panama is the right place to start it.

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Panama Corporations

Entities for Global Business

Our experience for more than 10 years with global investors of different nationalities, has shown us that part of the success of any international business, depends on the way you formulate a correct legal structure for your income and clients worldwide. 

Elements as the territorial fiscal status, the immigration residency of the investor, the location of the corporate bank accounts, among others, are relevant elements to be considered for success in new forms of commercial activities with global effects.

Banking Services

The Panamanian banking system is a very formal  environment and of a high level of regulations.   If you are a new user of the Panamanian banking system, the opening of personal bank accounts are more accessible than corporate accounts. For these reasons it is advisable that before approaching a local banking institution for a corporate bank account, you must be 100% sure of the documentation you need to apply for it.

We can guide you with the documents, requirements and correct steps to achieve your corporate banking needs in good standing and according to due diligence laws, with loobies.

Panama Bank Accounts
Panama Immigration

Panama Relocation & Residency

Moving abroad is not a simple task. We understand that it is a great decision, both for you and your business. That is why having a truly knowledge about all the steps necessary for a proper relocation, is of the utmost importance now our days, for success in your international plan.   

We have more than 11 years of experience in the correct advice to global entrepreneurs, in the due relocation into the strategic location of Panama for their global business. We can offer you quality migratory legal services, visas, citizenship and residency programs, among other relocation needs to establish in a due form in Panama, as your new business Headquater.

Panama Real Estate Services

The licensed and bilingual professionals of PGS Realty will expertly guide you through the local real estate process in Panama, from the initial search for your business property to your personal apartament, for purchase or lease.   We do can help you to the preparation of the necessary legal documents to complete your real estate operation in Panama.

Panama Asset Protection Tools

The Private Interest Foundation is an innovative legal concept that is revolutionizing the business and asset management world. This useful entity was created by Panamanian lawyers since 1995, in response to a worldwide need of an easy management tool, with a simple registration process and more flexibility than similar holding systems used worldwide for asset protection.  

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Tower SL55, 17th floor, Samuel Lewis Ave. Panama City - Panama



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